The Research Assistant
The Research Assistant

The Human Cloud - The Next Big Thing in Staffing


According to Ryland Hamlet, Director of Staffing and Technology at Sourceum Research, the next big thing in staffing is really a staffing technology roadmap consisting of the following stops:

Recruitment 2.0 and 3.0
A. Staffing CRM using Staffing Priorities and Candidate Pipelines (SHIPPING March 2015)

Recruitment 4.0
B. Crowdsourcing  (BETA until Q3 2016)

C. Staffing Team Performance Tracking (BETA until Q4 2016)
D. Recruiting Gamification (ALPHA Q4 2016)

Recruitment 5.0
E. Making Staffing a Profit Center
F. Actionable Predictive Analytics


The Research Assistant (RA) Platform from Sourceum Research is a Staffing CRM and a bag of chips. The platform code named "VRA" is in now in production.  Using a coordinated approach, the conversion of leads is made 3-4 times more efficient by using this platform.   By using the VRA, our customers are realizing mare than a 30% return on investment (See Case Studies).


What is crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is taking advantage of the “human cloud” to ramp-up staff quickly and cost effectively on an as needed basis.  The Crowdsourcing Module (CM), RA 4.0,  is now in BETA.


To some, crowdsourcing promises to be part of Recruitment 4.0.  Sourceum has delivered on the dreams of 2.0 (staffing technology) and as of March 2016 has completed Recruitment 3.0 (building candidates pipelines).  So why jump ahead to 4.0?  Because it will take time to develop the processes and systems to deliver the crowdsourcing delivery platform.  The delivery platform, however, will be an extension of The Research Assistant.


What is recruiting gamification?

Gamification of recruiting create more engagement and sense of belonging to talent community members, increasing the number of opportunities for making contact to members.  Sourceum Research is working on designing a gamified environment in The Research Assistant targeted at both recruiters and talent.


To find out more about The Research Assistant, fill out a information on the Contact page.  This product can be used with our candidate generationprofessional services team or we can help your team through the Shared Services Module

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