The Research Assistant
The Research Assistant

The staffing managers paradox--how to work with less?

With the pressure to perform, staffing departments are trimming the headcount, but expecting more from their existing recruiting staff.  


The Research Assistant (RA) is a candidate generation platform as a service (PaaS) which enables our customer the ability to better leverage its staff.  Using RA, a recruiter easily directs and coordinates the capture and management of candidate leads.  The Recruiter Assistant provides a recruiter with a pipeline of candidates from multiple sources.  By reducing the need for sourcing, a recruiter has more time to focus on closing and onboarding candidates.

The The Research Assistant platform as a service supplements your staff allowing them to hire more high quality employees in a shorter period of time.  

The The Research Assistant helps you fill the empty desks.




The RA Platform-as-a-Service enables staffing organizations to:


  • Transparently control of the candidate generation process
  • Manage the pipeline from any web, mobile, desktop device
  • Continuous flow of matching, high quality candidates.
  • Reduce or eliminate the time a recruiter needs for sourcing.
  • Have 100% tracking and data ownership, making retained agencies obsolete.
  • Secure all candidate data via U.S. stored cloud databases

The RA Hybrid RPO Services can be used for:

  • Support not replacement of staff
  • Supplement HR Ops, HRIS, Talent Acquisition, or the businesses hiring managers (for SMBs)
  • Name Generation of High Value Candidates
  • Executive Profiling and Search
  • Loading of Staffing CRM like Avature
  • Testing of Staffing Applications
  • Or, anything IT, recruiters and sourcers don't have time to do.
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