The Research Assistant
The Research Assistant


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Using the VRA Shared Services Management Platform, team members complete projects from anywhere in the world, provided they meet the standards for Internet and home working environment.


Use our highly experienced team or we help you recruit and train your  staffing team.  Plug your staff into the CrowdSourcing Module of the VRA Platform.


+      Tracking

Add performance tracking to better manage team metrics and incentives.  Reward top performers for their hard work.


= Goals

Using the Shared Services Manager, your staffing manager or recruiter can easily add, assign, and staffing projects.


Past examples of client engagements using the Shared Services Module


The Research Assistant Shared Services Module (RA-SSM) is a services delivery platform which clients can build and manage their own staffing research and contact center teams made up of resources located anywhere in the world.  This ability to create your own staffing shared services team eliminates the need to hire a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company.  The goals of the RA Shared Services Module are to (1) enable quick acquisition of matching candidate leads, (2) convert these leads into interested candidates with full transparency and tracking, and (3) reduce the cost of hire by employing a performance based cost model. 

The Research Assistant  accomplishes these goals by utilizing a large pool of sourcers coordinated through a proprietary global sourcing platform.  Utilizing a global pool of resources increases quality, availability while driving down the personnel expenses.  With the Shared Services Module, our clients have access to all leads, candidates and candidate communication logs.  Unlike RPO firms and their third party CRMs, the RA-SSM platform is fully accessible by our client.  The platform has a built-in CRM integrated with the Shared Services Manager module, allowing for daily tracking of team productivity.  The platform allows our clients to plug-in and manage staffing resources in a crowdsourcing mannner to work on staffing related activities such as candidate generation, screening, interview scheduling,  onboarding support and staffing research.


  • Candidate Generation:  Researching LinkedIn and other social networks to generate target names and contact information from competitors and other companies
  • Past Applicant Close-Out:  Call and offer other opportunities to candidates who were not previously contacted after their initial application to client's ATS. This project resolved the negative feelings applicant had for the client.  They applied and never heard back from the client.  Also known as the "black hole."
  • Staffing Campaigns for SMB: Building and contacting a massive pipelines of candidate for a company with little name recognition
  • Testing Staffing Applications:  Utilize staffing experience to test mobile and web staffing applications including mobile job site and ATS
  • Skills Targeted Campaign:  Research and build list of candidate with specified licenses and experience for seasonal jobs.
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