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Unique Services for hr and staffing consultants

As a full-service hybrid recruiting process outsourcing firm, The Research Assistant offers customized services to the following client profiles:


Corporate Sourcers and Recruiters

Getting reliable results from a telecommunications system requires in-depth planning, installation and management. Our team of IT experts understands every aspect of telecommunications — from planning to project management, installation, testing, training and implementation.


Independent Staffing Consultants

Recruiter Assistant supports contract recruiters, a.k.a. staffing consultants not only by providing a flow of candidates, but through daily tracking of performance metrics. It is important that when a company hires a staffing consultant, the company follow guidelines in the hiring process.  Below are excerpts from one companies contract recruiter hiring steps.

Recruitment: Guidelines for hiring contract recruiter


The contract recruiter moves through numerous corporate cultures and as a result won't have an automatic understanding of what's expected of him or her in such areas as dress, on-site work hours and personal decorum. If the contractor's on-site presence is important, a brief statement explaining required work hours and days is in order.

Good record keeping is vital during and after an engagement. Outline the reports, files and all other records you wish the contractor to maintain and, most importantly, where and how they are to be kept and by whom. If applicant-flow information is important for departmental reporting purposes, make certain the contractor is aware of this and is given instruction in the proper handling of your system. Make the contractor a participant in your system, as opposed to the reverse. A clear and easily documented audit trail of the contractor's activities should be left upon his or her departure.

Set fair and equitable completion goals. Don't assume the contractor can accomplish extraordinary feats simply because he or she is a consultant. Objectively examine the skills parity between current staff and the contractor, and relate this to any past difficulties in filling similar requisitions.

Source: Personnel Journal, suppl. New Product News (Mar 1994): 11.

Small and Midsize Businesses

For Small and Midsize Businesses, Recruiter Assistant gives our client the time to not rush hiring decisions.  Using Recruiter Assistant, small-business owners are supported by using a proven plan, providing carefull digging, and transitioning from recruting to on-boarding.

Recruiter Assistant give you the time to make this transition.

Small business hiring rises; But recruiting looks very different when a small entrepreneur needs to fill a niche

For a lot of hiring managers and small business leaders, hiring remains the most crucial pain point. If you magically get the right people, stuff just gets executed. However, we never make the perfect hiring decisions all the time. Sometimes we are in a hurry to fill the role, and the options available seem more attractive than the list of skills and qualities we carefully created.

Of course, every manager has a different outlook - some of us "hire fast, learn fast and fail fast," whereas some of us passively look at many resumes and only make an addition to the team when it feels right. I've made my fair share of errors and would like to share an example that might help when you are at the next crossroads and in a hurry.

I was looking for an online marketing person and started furiously going through LinkedIn for profiles that had keywords of certain skills that were required. After I found a few profiles, I cold wrote to a particular prospect and heard back from her. She shared her detailed resume with me and it looked like a dream. After I explained the role to her, she seemed positive that it was her domain and she joined the next day.

Over the next few weeks, she worked very hard and made a difference to our efforts. Her skills were matching with many peripheral tasks, except for the core role she was hired for. And the mistake was entirely mine. I made a few notes to myself:

Never Absorb The Resume Or The LinkedIn Profile On Face Value

Get evidence of past work or go through some testing or sample review. For engineers, this can be writing a piece of code during the interview. For content writers it would be writing a sample piece.

SOURCE: Bridges, Virginia. Dawson Creek Daily News [Dawson Creek, B.C] 04 Sep 2013: B.5.

Human Resource Operations (HR Ops)

Most HR Ops departments are busy trying to keep up with the requests of Staffing, L&OD, Benefits, IT, legal and the business.  Many times they do not have time to take on adhoc projects or complete quality deliverables because of being short staffed.

Recruiter Assistant solves the temporary staffing issue by providing clients a team of staffing data entry, data management and quality assurance services.



Role of HRIS in Improving Modern HR Operations


The highly trained and experienced project managers at The Recruiter Assistant can help you acquire the technology you require to reach your business objectives within a budget that works for you.

HRIS is developed around six main areas of human resource management viz., e-recruitment/applicant tracking, e-training, e- payroll, e-benefits, e-self service and e-time and labour management.

E-recruitment / Applicant Tracking: E-recruitment manages job descriptions and job vacancies, search for candidates and the interview process. E-recruitment maintains profiles, searches for and refers jobs to colleagues and follows the recruitment process. E-recruitment/applicant tracking system reduce administrative tasks, cost and time required to perform recruitment activities. It is also referred to as an applicant-tracking system; this is a web-based application that enables the electronic handling of organizational employment needs.

These activities include posting job advertisement on web sites to stimulate and attract candidates, known as job boards. Job boards allow candidates to apply on-line and the candidates. data are stored on a database that allows searching, screening and filtering of applications. The application tracking system shortlists the candidates and arranges for interview and recruitment-related activities.

A company must organize itself internally before starting any applicant tracking systems evaluation process. When preparing to evaluate an applicant tracking system, it is essential to form a collaboration of stakeholders and give these decision makers time to arrive at an informed decision.

SOURCE: Chauhan, Akansha; Sharma, Sanjeev Kr; Tyagi, Tarun. Review of Management1.2(Apr-Jun 2011): 58-70.

Additional services

  • Application development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application or network enhancement
  • Platform migration
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